Are Refurbished Monitors Good?


Adding one or more LCD displays to your desk can make using your computer much better. But are refurbished monitors good? Learn More: Shop Now.

If you’ve never bought a refurbished product before, you have to wonder: are refurbished monitors good? You may be wary of used computers, but don’t think “refurbished” and “used” mean the same thing. Refurbished monitors are the equivalent of “gently used” – they don’t need major repairs and they haven’t been damaged. US Micro reformats and sanitizes the monitors from previous owners and thoroughly tests them for functionality before putting them on sale. Refurbished products are increasingly popular among consumers and businesses because of the lower price and high quality.

Refurbished monitors are as good as new, with the bonus of having the price of a used monitor. The reliability of these products is assured because US Micro Corporation serves as both a retailer and a refurbisher. This means all products undergo repair and inspection by the same team that sells them to you. US Micro knows where the monitors came from, their original condition, and how they are refurbished in order to eliminate any unknowns in the process of refurbishing from start to finish. US Micro is also a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher, guaranteeing professionally refurbished products and genuine Microsoft software. Each package comes with the original licensed operating system disk, so you can see for yourself the reliability of refurbishing work.

Buy Refurbished Monitors
Now you know the condition and quality of the monitors, but do refurbished monitors have a good variety of features? For a start, all monitors are VGA/DVI compatible. The older VGA analog signal is often less common than the newer digital DVI format, but many PC’s still use VGA. If you’re worried about compatibility, fear not. US Micro carries both formats to match the right monitor to old and new computers. Monitors come from your favorite brands, like Dell, HP, IBM and NEC, for familiar brand name quality with a lower price. Size runs from 15” to 30” WideScreen to fit wherever you need it. You can purchase a monitor individually for a personal computer or in lots to supply your small business. The warranty lasts for sixty days; you’ll get a replacement or refund if you’re not completely satisfied. Extended warranties are available through Square Trade. Shipping is free.

What Does Refurbished mean?

When we say that our equipment is refurbished, this means that we start with a working computer (or display), completely sanitize and wipe the drive of all existing data, and then re-install a new licensed copy of genuine Microsoft operating system software. In certain cases we will also upgrade the hardware to include additional performance capacity required for today's software standards.

How Do I Know the Software is Genuine?

Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher

US Micro is proud to be a member of the Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher program; we are one of only a few companies in the nation to belong to the program. As described by Microsoft, the program is for large refurbishers who meed a minimum average threshold of 1,000 PCs shipped per month. Refurbishers in the program professionally refurbish desktop computers with genuine Microsoft software. Each computer we ship includes the original fully-licensed operating system disc.