Wholesale Refurbished Dell Computers from US Micro

Wholesale Refurbished Dell Computers

Looking for a source for wholesale refurbished Dell computers? US Micro can be your supplier. Learn More: Shop Now.

If you're looking for wholesale refurbished Dell computers, you've found the right place. USMicro is one of the largest refurbishers in the nation, and the quality of the PC's that we sell is second to none. When you purchase Dell computers from us, you'll receive nothing but the high-efficiency machines that you expect from Dell - they will function like they're brand new. The computers you buy from us have never been damaged in their lifespan, and have been checked to the highest standards in the industry. To make absolutely certain of your satisfaction, we warranty all of our products against any error on our part.

USMicro is unique among computer and IT equipment refurbishers, and the advantages that make us so unique also make us the best place on the internet to buy wholesale refurbished Dell computers. First, we're one of the few Microsoft Authorized Refurbishers, which you can read about here. Second, we aren't just the retailer - we control the refurbishing process as well. We have our own crew of technicians that handle every aspect of that process, so you can hold us totally accountable for the quality of the products you purchase. Those two things alone set us a cut above the vast majority of refurbished computer retailers, but there are a myriad of other reasons to do business with us, which you can learn about on this site, and at our parent company website.

Buy Wholesale Refurbished Dell Computers
Whether you're ordering a single laptop for personal use or a wholesale lot of refurbished computers by Dell or any other manufacturer, your order will likely ship for free. Nearly every item that we sell ships to anywhere in the continental USA at no cost to you. With FedEx Ground, you'll be given a tracking number so that you can follow your order to your doorstep for free, but if you need your order more urgently, we offer expedited shipping at checkout, as well.

What Does Refurbished mean?

When we say that our computers are refurbished, this means that we start with a working computer, completely sanitize and wipe the drive of all existing data, and then re-install a new licensed copy of genuine Microsoft operating system software. In certain cases we will also upgrade the hardware to include additional performance capacity required for today's software standards.

Refurbished wholesale computers are the choice of cost-savvy professionals and US Micro is the best wholesale seller. High quality PCs at the lowest imaginable prices attract buyers and great customer service and customization offers keeps them coming back. Call today to see how US Micro can improve your company’s technology stock.

How Do I Know the Software is Genuine?

Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher

US Micro is proud to be a member of the Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher program; we are one of only a few companies in the nation to belong to the program. As described by Microsoft, the program is for large refurbishers who meed a minimum average threshold of 1,000 PCs shipped per month. Refurbishers in the program professionally refurbish desktop computers with genuine Microsoft software. Each computer we ship includes the original fully-licensed operating system disc.