TFT 19

US Micro carries a wide selection of DVI compatible TFT monitors from brands like Dell, HP, Lenovo, and more. Learn More: Shop Now.

US Micro is now carrying refurbished TFT LCD monitors with DVI input in 19-inches, widescreen 19-inch, and numerous other sizes and configurations. You’ll find a slew of high-quality monitors here for a fraction of what they cost when they were new. With our high standards for the quality of the devices that we buy and refurbish, we can offer you monitors that are just as clear and bright as they were the day they first came out of the box. We carry a multitude of different monitor options suited to everything from the most basic applications to demanding, quality-intensive visual schemes.

You’ve likely seen TFT screen technology in a number of different devices, from the 19” DVI monitors we carry to televisions, cell phones, GPS systems and video game consoles. It’s a popular screen material for a reason; it offers a nigh unbeatable refresh rate. The fastest motions on the screen are visible, clear and bright. Because of this, it’s one of, if not the most commonly-used type of screen in basically any device with a digital display.

As one of the country’s largest computer and parts refurbishers, our standards for refurbished equipment are the very highest in the industry, and we make no exception of our TFT DVI monitors. We don’t buy devices that have sustained damage over the course of their lifetime, let alone sell such machines. Odds are, the worst the monitor that you buy will have ever seen is a little cosmetic wear on the outside casing. We guarantee full functionality and performance. And if by some chance we’ve made an error and the item you receive performs as anything less than a like-new device, we will provide you with a full refund or exchange. First and foremost, we believe in selling top-quality products at bargain prices. If you have any questions, please contact us right away!

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What Does Refurbished mean?

When we say that our computers are refurbished, this means that we start with a working computer, completely sanitize and wipe the drive of all existing data, and then re-install a new licensed copy of genuine Microsoft operating system software. In certain cases we will also upgrade the hardware to include additional performance capacity required for today's software standards.

What's Wrong with Walmart Refurbished Laptops?

Walmart refurbished laptops don’t take environmental standards into account. On the other hand, US Micro understands the hazards associated with foreign scrap markets that fail to properly handle e-waste. US Micro does not let any waste go to the landfill. In fact, US Mircro is moving towards a closed-loop recycling system where they would process all e-waste and find ways to refurbish, reuse, and recycle materials for new production. Rather than purchasing your refurbished laptops at Walmart, work with US Micro, because we care about your health and your environment.

How Do I Know the Software is Genuine?

Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher

US Micro is proud to be a member of the Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher program; we are one of only a few companies in the nation to belong to the program. As described by Microsoft, the program is for large refurbishers who meed a minimum average threshold of 1,000 PCs shipped per month. Refurbishers in the program professionally refurbish desktop computers with genuine Microsoft software. Each computer we ship includes the original fully-licensed operating system disc.