Wholesale Refurbished Computers

Wholesale Refurbished Computers

Wholesale refurbished computers are available in a wide variety of models and performance configurations from US Micro. Learn more: Shop Now.

Wholesale refurbished computers are your office solution. If you're purchasing machines for a small business, computer lab or other similar applications, you likely don't want to spend thousands of dollars on new machines that have whistles and bells you'll never use. US Micro Corporation can set you up with reliable refurbished computers to suit your needs exactly, and at a vastly lower cost than the purchase of new computers.

We stand by the quality of our wholesale refurbished computers, and we'd love nothing more than to outfit your offices with reliable, high-quality machines. Most of the computers we purchase are from large companies that are upgrading all of their computers at once, and need to dispose of dozens, if not hundreds of computers at once. This means that the product you receive will likely have been in very good shape to begin with. We will never sell a machine that was discarded to due to damage or defect, and you can hold us to that promise. If, by some mistake, you receive a machine that is not in full-working condition, our 60-day limited warranty will completely cover the cost of a replacement or repair.

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What Software comes with Wholesale Refurbished Computers?

US Micro Corporation tailors the software and hardware in our wholesale refurbished computers to the needs of the purchaser. You'll be able to choose between Windows XP, Windows 7 Home Edition and Windows 7 Professional Edition on nearly all models, and we'll send the licensed operating system disc with the PC as well. You can even specify the amount of RAM you want in the machines, so that you'll have computers that can keep up with your group's applications, or so that you don't pay more than you have to, for speed you'll never use.

Buying Wholesale Refurbished Computers is Eco-Friendly

In addition to the economical benefit of purchasing wholesale refurbished computers, you'll be making a dent in the massive amount of electronics waste that occurs globally. Millions of serviceable machines are discarded each year when your business could be using them. Supplying your business with refurbished computers is a frugal, environmentally-friendly way to encourage less wasteful practices on the part of business owners and tech companies.

How Do I Know the Software is Genuine?

Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher

US Micro is proud to be a member of the Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher program; we are one of only a few companies in the nation to belong to the program. As described by Microsoft, the program is for large refurbishers who meed a minimum average threshold of 1,000 PCs shipped per month. Refurbishers in the program professionally refurbish desktop computers with genuine Microsoft software. Each computer we ship includes the original fully-licensed operating system disc.